5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Assist Your Project Managers

5 ways your sales team can assist your project managers

When it comes to delivering complex technology projects it’s vital that all of the teams involved are singing from the same hymn sheet. This includes sales and project management. Normally considered two very separate functions these two departments could make each other’s lives so much easier if they simply made a conscious effort to support each other.

The reality is that once a sale is made there is minimal handover to the project management team, and as a result key information isn’t communicated. This is quite understandable, sales departments have targets to meet and other opportunities to nurture. However, there are a few ways that your sales team can assist your project management team;

  1. Relay customer expectations – there is no doubt that your new customers will have a specific set of expectations and that they will expect these to be met. However, if these are not communicated to the project management team there could be misunderstandings from day one. Not a great start to the business/customer relationship.
  2. Act as the introductory person as your project management team meet your customers – one of the best things that can happen is for your sales representative to act as the introductory party as the project prepares to kick off. They will have built up a relationship of trust with your customer and therefore are key in ensuring that this trust is passed over to your project management team.
  3. Keeping a log of sales proposals and the result of communications – this is essential, it not only saves time for the sales team as the information is all there and available, but it makes the job of your project managers a lot easier too. A system, such as Dynamics-IT, which combines both CRM and project management elements makes this process even easier and more intuitive.
  4. Communication of any unusual requirements – again this not only makes project planning easier, it ensures that your customers are going to get exactly what they need, when they need it – always great for building long term, profitable relationships.
  5. Gather information on the project management team’s behalf during the sales process – what information do the project management team need from sales and how can they gather that information during the sales process? This saves time when the customer signs on the dotted line and means that the project team will have much of the information that they need from day one.

All of this information will make it much easier at kick off, and throughout the duration of the project. To find out how Dynamics-IT can seamlessly link your sales and project management teams, register for one of our free 30 minute webinars – let us show you the benefits first hand.

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