The Benefits Of Managing The Entire Customer Experience In A Single System

The Benefits Of Managing The Entire Customer Experience In A Single System

Whether you are an IT or telecoms company, or even an internal IT department, you are constantly managing customers and their overall experience with you. Marketers would call this the customer journey and it is vital that it is efficiently managed so that your customers remain loyal to your business.

What is a customer journey?

The customer journey is simply how your customers are taken from their first point of contact with your organisation, whether it’s a phone call, response to an email, or completing an online enquiry form, through the purchase process and on to post sale customer service. The customer journey will be more involved for some organisations than others, but all will involve multiple ‘touch points’ i.e. dealings with your organisation. These touch points make up the customer journey and, by extension, contribute to your customer’s overall opinion of your business.

The benefits of managing the entire customer journey in a single system

To build a positive reputation, maintain high levels of customer loyalty, and encourage new customers to buy from you, the experience that customers have when dealing with your organisation should be five star. Often however, there are areas of weakness and a disconnect between the key customer centric departments. In the case of the IT and Telecoms industry, this includes the sales, marketing, project management, and customer service functions.
Many companies manage their pre-sales activity, namely sales and marketing, in a CRM solution with the post-sale functions, such as project management, being managed in a separate system. This lends itself to promoting disconnect between pre and post sales. However, with Dynamics-IT you can truly manage the entire customer journey in a single system, this offers a number of key benefits, including;

  • Access to the right information – when multiple systems are used this can discourage people from accessing the information that they need. For example project managers may not pick up on crucial information from the sales team before putting together a project plan, therefore missing vital customer requirements which may not have been communicated during the handover from the sales team.
  • A 360 degree view of your customers – nothing is more important than knowing your customers and target market. Using a single system, such as Dynamics-IT, means that you will have access to an accurate picture of current and potential customers. This enables you to not only serve their needs better, but allows you to attract new customers.
  • Increased efficiency – if you automate key processes and all of the data that your sales, marketing, project management, and customer service team needs is in one place, and it’s easy to access, this frees up time for your people to serve your customers better.
  • Accurate reporting – reporting from a single system means that you don’t have to piece together information from different sources, your reports will show an accurate, real time picture. This enables decisions and changes to be made in response to the right information and insights.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve your processes – it is vital that organisations spend time looking at how they can improve the customer journey. Having access to accurate data across the entire process makes it easier to identify areas that would benefit from improvement.

If you would like to know more about how Dynamics-IT can benefit your organisation and enhance your customer’s journey from first point of contact, through to post sale, contact the team at Tisski Dynamics on 0203 418 0411 today.

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