How Cloud Solutions Are Benefitting Small Businesses

How Cloud Solutions Are Benefitting Small Businesses

The Cloud has changed the game radically when it comes to how people access business critical software and data. More and more businesses are starting to move across to the Cloud because it offers so many benefits.

What is the Cloud

The Cloud essentially allows organisations of all shapes and sizes to access software and data via the internet. Examples of Cloud based software are the personal email accounts, such as Gmail, that you log in to online.

Cloud based software offers more flexibility in terms of pricing and access rights; this means that many solutions can be tailored to an organisation’s specific requirements. This flexibility has made it much easier for SMEs, business start-ups, and even solotreprenuers to access the systems and resources that they need to grow their business.

Benefits of the Cloud

Cost Savings – because of the increased flexibility of access to Cloud based software, businesses are saving money by only paying for what they use. Organisations that managed their solutions onsite using their own servers are also seeing significant cost savings, they are no long responsible for maintaining their own server hardware, they have also freed up internal IT resources.

Ease of Management – all of the aspects of managing the access to business software that can cause headaches is eradicated when accessing solutions via the Cloud. There is no more onsite management of equipment, and security is handled by your provider, there is often access to more comprehensive support services too.

Reliability – many providers promise that your software will be available to access up to 99.9% of the time. If something does go wrong a reputable provider will have backup resources and disaster recovery plans in place – this takes the headache away from you.

Scalability – businesses change all the time, they grow, shrink, and restructure based on what their vision for the future is. With Cloud based solutions you have the flexibility and scalability to ensure that the software solutions you are using can be easily updated to meet the requirements of your business.

Security – every businesses nightmare is something going wrong when it comes to the security of their data and the systems that they use. When managing software onsite, the security was the responsibility of the business, Cloud providers will already have all of the security measures in place. The peace of mind that this offers business owners, especially those dealing with sensitive data, is priceless.

As you can see, the Cloud offers businesses of all shapes and sizes with many benefits. If you would like to discuss accessing your business critical solutions, such as Microsoft Office, via the Cloud, contact the Tisski team today on 0203 418 0411.

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