CRM Is Just As Important To Small Businesses And Start-ups

CRM Is Just As Important To Small Businesses And Start-ups

There is a common misconception that Customer Relationship (CRM) solutions and processes are only necessary for larger organisations with a high number of customers. However, the truth is that CRM processes should be implemented in organisations of all sizes, they are crucial for ensuring that your organisation is offering the best service to your customers.

CRM systems used to be complex and expensive, so it’s understandable that smaller businesses didn’t see the need, or have the resources available, to justify them implementing a solution themselves. However, now there are solutions available, such as Rapid Results CRM, which not only offers access to the key functionality that’s available in the award winning Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, but is also more affordable, that are specifically designed for smaller businesses. Organisations simply pay a one off licence cost per user which covers implementation, training, and support. Now there’s no excuse why smaller businesses and start-ups can’t benefit from a dedicated CRM solution.

The benefit of CRM for small businesses and start-ups

CRM solutions can offer smaller businesses a number of key benefits that will not only help them to manage their current customer base but will assist and support business growth.

  1. Process automation – when you are running a small business, whether you have a team or are operating as a sole trader, you have to wear a number of hats. This makes it inevitable that sometimes key processes and procedures won’t be followed, or maybe won’t be set up in the first place. With the implementation of a dedicated CRM solution you can ensure that the key processes across sales, marketing, and customer service are in place and automated so that your customers and potential customers always receive the best service, from the first point of contact, right through to post sale.
  2. Building and managing an effective customer journey – your customer journey, i.e. how effective your organisation is at serving your customers whenever they are in contact with you, is vital to you remaining competitive and building long term relationships with your customers. A point of contact could be a marketing email, a call with your sales team, and even a visit to your website. A CRM solution will allow you to manage every potential touch point with your organisation and develop the customer journey as your business grows.
  3. Allows you to offer 5 start customer service – nothing drives a customer away like bad customer service, that means it’s vital that your customer service processes should be managed correctly from day one. CRM systems are specifically designed to make it easier for you to provide great service to your customers.
  4. Enables you to build an accurate picture of your customers – the ability to store and analyse key data on your customers and target market will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity, as well as identifying opportunities for growth.

It’s clear that CRM is as essential to small businesses and start-ups as it is for larger organisations. It’s a key system and resource to support the growth of your business.

A CRM solution, such as Rapid Results CRM, is a long term investment and as such, it should grow and develop as your business does. If you would like to find out more about how a CRM solution would benefit your business, contact the team at Tisski, a leading Microsoft Partner, today on 0247 771 2050 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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