Join this short webinar to understand exactly what you get from this out of the box, pre-configured Dynamics IT.

Our experts will take you through Dynamics IT and answer any immediate questions you have on how it fits with your business.

After the 30 minute live session you will know:-

  • What’s included in Tisski’s fast, zero hassle, implementation
  • Why Dynamics IT rich feature functionality includes project management including timesheets and expenses as well as full CRM for all your sales, marketing customer services
  • What you get as standard in terms of support, training and access to a CRM expert
  • How you can benefit from zero cost implementation fees, that means you are up and running within 30 days and not locked into a long-term commitment.

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Ben Austen

Ben Austen, a CRM development and consultancy guru, brings his practical experience and expertise to bear to ensure that CRM implementations offer an attractive ROI, improved and enhanced processes and give a real time 360 degree view of the business, while assisting with management decision making and day to day operations.

“High quality approach, responsive, adaptable, client focused, fair, nice people to work with.”

Stuart Evans, Chief Technical Officer, Foundation SP