What is Dynamics-IT?

Dynamics-IT is specifically designed for technology companies who are looking to offer a better service to their customers. As a provider of IT professional services, whether you provide software development, hardware product support, consultancy services, or a combination of these, Dynamics-IT is for you.

Dynamics-IT for Sales

The management of prospects, leads, and sales is the lifeblood of your business. Having an accurate, real time view, of your current sales opportunities so that you can nurture them accordingly is essential and with Dynamics-IT, it’s never been easier.

  • Accurate pipeline information on all your sales opportunities, allowing you to engage with the right people at the right time
  • The ability to set and manage sales processes based on your organisation’s requirements, ensure that leads are moved through the sales process correctly and escalate any actions that have not been carried out. Don’t miss a single sales opportunity.
  • Transparency of data across the entire pipeline, ensuring that the sales team have everything that they need when dealing with a new or existing opportunity
  • Interactive dashboard reporting, sales forecasting, team performance, opportunity analysis, and analysis of sales loss data to enable continuing improvements

Dynamics-IT for Marketing

Your organisation relies heavily on the effectiveness of its marketing activity, from the identification, communication, and response to industry trends and changes, to the performance of individual campaigns. It has never been more important to understand which marketing activities are working and which are not. Marketing departments are under increasing pressure to ensure that they make their budget go further and that enquiries are of the highest quality.

With Dynamics-IT for IT professional service providers, you can be sure that you have a full and accurate picture of the performance of your marketing activity. From initial engagement, to entering and moving through the sales pipeline.

  • Manage your marketing campaigns directly in Dynamics-IT – ensure that all the relevant information is available to other departments, such as sales and your account management teams; track key performance metrics, such as cost per lead, and your conversion rates for each campaign
  • Link Dynamics-IT to your website and any third party email marketing platforms used, automate adding online enquiries and email metrics into the system, giving your marketing team more time to come up with their next big campaign

Advanced reporting – discover how many enquiries you have to put into the top of the sales funnel for sales to come out of the bottom. Have all the information to hand to enable you to improve the performance of your campaigns and the direction of your marketing spend.

Dynamics-IT for Project Management

One of the things that we found was missing from many CRM for IT solutions, including Dynamics CRM, was an effective project management module. To make Dynamics-IT work for all areas of your technology business we have developed effective and easy to use project management functionality so that you can manage the entire customer acquisition and care process in one system.

  • Set up new projects quickly and easily – monitor progress, changes in requirements, budget and expenses, resource allocation, and log key information for other members of the team to use
  • Accurate information – track the completion of tasks and key project milestones, and report on overall project progress using interactive dashboard views and reports
  • Project planning and management – plan and manage your projects using Dynamics-IT’s integrated Gantt Chart capabilities, complete with easy to use drag and drop options
  • Synchronise tasks to the project team’s Outlook calendars

Ensure that project budget and spend is accurate and client invoicing is carried out on time using the Time & Expenses module

Dynamics-IT for Resource Management

The allocation and monitoring of resources is crucial when working with your customers to ensure that their technology project is delivered on time. The resource management module from Dynamics-IT allows you to manage resource allocation alongside overall project management requirements.

  • Accurate view of recourse allocation – use the resource planner to view accurate and real time information on resource allocation and utilisation, across one or multiple projects
  • Identify the under or over utilisations of staff members and alter workload levels and task allocation accordingly
  • Interactive resource management dashboards and reporting capabilities allow you to use the current allocation of resources to forecast future requirements, making advanced planning easier

Dynamics-IT for Finance

One of the areas where most projects fall down is the tracking of budgets, expenses, and chargeable time. Project management teams are often so busy that they don’t accurately record financial information. This can lead to loss of money and an out of date picture of how the project is performing against the budget set.

The logging of financial information is often required in a separate system, such as an Excel spreadsheet, which can be inconvenient and encourages forgetfulness. This is no longer necessary with Dynamics-IT; time spent and expenses incurred can all be recorded alongside other project activity as part of the team’s daily activity.

  • Save time and increase efficiency by recording chargeable time and expenses against the relevant project.
  • Link timesheet activity and expenses to the rest of the project so that it can be included in reports – giving a more accurate picture of project performance
  • Auto-populate timesheets with assigned project tasks, ensuring that logging time becomes a quick and accurate process, instead of a major overhead
  • Log timesheet activity on the go with Dynamics-IT’s Mobile Time & Expenses App, increasing convenience and enabling more accurate data input

Timesheets and expenses can be sent to the relevant person to sign off

Dynamics-IT for Customer Service

In a competitive environment, what often sets technology companies apart is not always the products that they are offering. More often than not, the standard of customer service offered is a huge selling point.

Dynamics-IT will help you to deliver 5 star customer service by making key customer service tools, such as case and call management, and automated email and SLA management available and easy to use.

  • Transparency of data across the customer service team so that an enquiry can be picked up easily and dealt with by any member of the team
  • Case and contract functionality means an accurate and up to date picture of a customer’s current situation, such as level of support entitled to, number of support calls logged; details of any recurring problems which need to be solved
  • Save time and increase efficiency with email-to-case conversion – any customer emails sent to the support team can be automatically tracked as CRM cases, leaving more time for your customer service and technical support teams to support your customers

What’s included in Dynamics IT?

Microsoft CRM Online

CRM Solution

Project Development Services

Incredible user support

From as little as £89/user/month with no hidden extras

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