Why Dynamics-IT or Rapid Results CRM?

Dynamics-IT and Rapid Results CRM are easy to use CRM and project management solutions that have been specifically designed for companies operating in a wide number of industries.

Our CRM for IT solution, Dynamics IT is for you if you provide:

  • Software development
  • Hardware product support
  • Consultancy services

Taking the well-developed functionality of the award winning Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and adding project management tools and processes, Tisski Dynamics has designed the perfect system for your industry.

Our preconfigured, out of the box small business CRM solution, Rapid Results CRM is designed for:

  • Companies and SMEs who are looking to implement a reliable CRM solution quickly
  • Business start-ups or organisations that have never used CRM software before
  • Sales, marketing, and customer service departments looking to improve their processes and reporting

The implementation of Dynamics-IT or Rapid Results CRM offers a number of key benefits, including:

The ability to manage the entire customer acquisition process

The ability to manage the entire customer acquisition process, from marketing messages and campaigns used, to moving opportunities through the sales pipeline, and the eventual implementation and support of your products and services. This ensures:

  • Smooth processes
  • Accurate reporting
  • Identification of bottlenecks, missed income opportunities, team and product performance problems, and monitoring of customer satisfaction levels
  • Increased efficiency

Data transparency

Your key teams, sales, marketing, consultancy, finance, project management, and customer service, will have easy access to relevant information and reports. This translates to higher levels of knowledge, the ability to locate and collate required information easily, and accurate decision making.

Cost and resource management

The project management, marketing, and sales elements of the system allow teams to record and monitor resources used, costs, income, and staff expenses. This allows a full view of the cost of client acquisition, as well as the accurate billing of time and expenses to the client. Resource management capabilities also allow for higher levels of efficiency and better management of project teams.

Marketing and sales alignment

Information, from the marketing campaign calendar, to the progress of opportunities through the pipeline, is openly available to both teams

Sales and project team alignment

Any information about the client and their requirements gathered by the sales team will be available for viewing by the project management team. This allows for a seamless handover from sales to project management, and later, the customer service departments, plus a stronger start when on boarding the client.

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