Why Rapid Results CRM?


Whether you’re a business owner, decision maker, or employee, the chances are that you have heard about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and the potential benefits which they may offer. In case you are not yet au fait with the term or the software solution which it describes however, it is worth dwelling briefly on what CRM actually means and what the solutions in general offer to enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

CRM Solutions and what they offer

Customer Relationship Management solutions in essence is software which allow companies to adopt a business strategy which places their customers as the focus of everything which the firm does. The software does this by integrating the diverse elements of the business, mainly sales, marketing, and customer service; providing accurate and up to date data to the whole of the enterprise, and improving communication at every touch point.

CRM solutions therefore, help diverse firms to improve the customer experience by enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the organisation, which in turn can heighten customer retention, revenue, and profit. All of that may well quite logically beg the question as to why all companies don’t make the most of CRM solutions to reap those benefits. Until recently the answer was relatively simple, many SMEs were put off by the costs and difficulties presented by the initial implementation period of many CRM systems.

It is with this in mind therefore, that we turn our attention to Rapid Results CRM, offered by Tisski Dynamics, which represents a very real and important advance in the field of Customer Relationship Management solutions.

How Rapid Results CRM Differs

Rapid Results CRM is what is being described as an ‘out of the box’ CRM solution, which means that it offers all of the key benefits of more involved systems but in a more affordable, quicker to implement, and easier to understand package. That package is one which has no upfront costs, operates on a simple monthly payment schedule, and yet still includes a multitude of features;

  • Advanced reporting and management – Rapid Results CRM still offers companies the capability to quickly create reports and manage business performance
  • Enhanced efficiency in sales – The sales specific features inherent in Rapid Results CRM allow for opportunity and pipeline management, as well as improved logging and reporting of vital information
  • Improved marketing productivity – The real-time and accurate customer and prospect data which is made more readily available by the system, improves a firm’s efficiency in monitoring and managing current marketing campaigns as well as in launching new ones
  • Easy and low cost implementation – All of the above benefits are delivered in a package which incurs no upfront cost and that is designed to be quick and easy to implement and to integrate into an organisation’s existing systems.

The above should make it clear therefore, that the answer to the question of ‘why Rapid Results CRM?’ Because it is a CRM solution which is accessible to all and can deliver the key benefits of such a system to companies and enterprises who believed that those benefits were beyond them.

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