Why CRM Is Necessary For Business Growth

Why CRM Is Necessary For Business Growth

As a small business it is crucial that you put your customers at the centre of what you do, that’s how you are going to distinguish yourself from your competitors. To make sure that your customers get the best experience when dealing with your company you should have a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in place.

What is a CRM strategy?

A CRM strategy focuses on how your organisation attracts and builds relationships with new and existing customers. It concentrates on the entire customer journey, so every possible contact point that a customer can have with your organisation.

Your CRM strategy sets the standards for sales, marketing, and customer service communication, as well as other customer facing roles. Your CRM strategy can include;

  • How the telephone is answered
  • The tone of voice used in sales and marketing communication
  • The expected response time to customer queries
  • How website enquires are dealt with
  • And more…

How a CRM strategy, supported by a CRM system, can support small business growth

Small businesses often make the mistake that dedicated CRM solutions are only for larger organisations. They often feel that the functionality on offer is overkill for the requirements of a small business. However, implementing a CRM solution, such as Rapid Results CRM which is specifically designed for small businesses, is really an investment in the growth of your business.

  • Put your customers at the centre of your organisation and keep them there as your business grows
  • Build an understanding of your customers and what they want, and use these insights to build your customer base and identify opportunities for growth
  • Provide 5 star customer service and become known as a great organisation to buy from
  • Align sales and marketing activity and support your customer facing teams as the business grows
  • Develop, monitor, and manage the entire customer journey
  • Implement and mirror the processes that have made your larger competitors so successful.

As you can see there are a number of benefits from implementing a CRM solution while your businesses is in the start-up and growth phases. CRM solutions, such as Rapid Results CRM, are specifically designed to support smaller businesses over the long term. Made up of all of the key starter functionality from the award winning Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, but without the barrier of upfront implementation costs, it’s the perfect tool for building and managing your CRM strategy.

To find out more about how Rapid Results CRM will benefit your business, register for one of our free 30 minute webinars today.

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