Why Even IT Departments Need The Right Project Management Tools

Business people at a computer class.

When we talk about project management and the tools required to manage projects effectively, we often focus on what is required from the point of view of serving external customers. What is often overlooked are the requirements of the internal IT departments who manage multiple projects on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Technology is the backbone of many organisations and the results of an upgrade, implementation, or the repair of hardware and software is vital to the organisation as a whole. A badly run project can lead to loss of productivity and revenue, and an increase in frustration from the departments and employees affected.

Couple this with the increase in mobile and home working and the globalisation of organisations, leading to the management of multi-site operations, and you have a pretty complex set of requirements and obligations to manage.

It’s time to banish the spreadsheets and ad hoc project management processes and give your IT department access to the project management solutions that they need. This doesn’t even need to be a solution that’s different to that used by the rest of your organisation.

Why internal IT departments need access to project management tools

  1. They have customers that they need to look after – yes their customers might be internal but they still rely on the IT department for access to the technology required for them to carry out their roles effectively. The dependency on technology in nearly all businesses means that employee’s technology requirements need to be put first and projects well managed.
  2. They manage multiple projects annually and concurrently – IT departments can be working on any number of projects at any one time, so it’s important that they can keep track and that the different moving parts are working well together.
  3. The results of the projects that they manage directly impact the running of your organisation – as mentioned earlier, the results of an internal IT project, whether it’s the implementation of new software and hardware, an upgrade or repair, can have a direct impact on your organisation. Loss of revenue and productivity can occur, and the ability of your employees to service your external customers could be compromised. Therefore, it’s vital that the results of any project undertaken are positive.
  4. Access to the right tools will increase productivity and efficiency – ensuring that your IT department has access to the right tools to support their daily roles means that they will be a more productive team, it’s the same as providing your project managers and customer service departments with the right project management solutions.

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