Why Choose Tisski Dynamics?

Gain richer, deeper business insight, and enhance your decision making with CRM online solutions from Tisski Dynamics; deployed and ready to go in 30 days.

With pay-as-you-go pricing, you’ll be perfectly positioned to enjoy the benefits of using Tisski Dynamics products and gain significant returns on your investment.

Rapid Deployment Process

RoadmapHow long will it be before your new CRM system is up and running and improving the way you work? With traditional implementation projects this can be a long, arduous journey delaying the return on your investment by months or even years.

We recognise that this is not an ideal situation, so our Roadmap to Success approach streamlines this process, allowing most of our customers to be up and running within 30 days.

Any project can be a daunting prospect, so your dedicated Customer Success Engineer is on hand to guide you through the entire process. They will work with you to ensure that your CRM system is fine-tuned to meet your key business drivers and deployed on-time, with your data ready for use.

Pay as you go Pricing

The biggest obstacle for many companies considering a new CRM system is the high cost of entry. The software itself has a hefty price tag. Then add on the essential consultancy fees to make the software work for your company and this becomes a substantial investment and a high risk strategy. Understandably, many businesses become disillusioned and stick with what they are already using; Excel, Outlook, Word etc.

At Tisski Dynamics, we have removed this prohibitive cost by offering a simple monthly fee just £89 per user. That’s it… No huge upfront costs. No expensive consultancy day rate in fact no daily rate at all.  As a Tisski Dynamics customer you know the exact investment required to have the systems you need to ensure growth and productivity within your business.

Designed for your Industry

A major part of any traditional CRM project involves customising the system to meet the standard industry processes of the customer’s business. This often results in significant amounts being spent on reinventing the wheel as the same requirements are customised or built from scratch for each new project.

At Tisski Dynamics, we have harnessed our long pedigree of delivering successful CRM projects to produce a set of industry standard solutions; giving our customers access to best-practice functionality and processes for their industry, ready to use and without the need for expensive development.

Starting with the right solution for your industry means a huge head-start for your project and significantly reduced risk, dramatically improving the benefits and return on investment of your new CRM system.

Customer Success Program

Successful CRM means much more than just technology. It’s essential that a new system meets your requirements, but it’s just as important that you and your team have the training, support and guidance to make CRM an integral part of your organisation.

Our Customer Success Program provides you with all the tools and support that you need to get the most from your new CRM system, embedding it within your organisation, improving user buy-in and ensuring that your CRM project is not just a flash in the pan, but a long-term success.

The Customer Success Program includes:

  • Online training library, giving your users instant access to bite-size CRM training whenever they need it.
  • Our team of Customer Success Engineers – on hand to provide Comprehensive user support and training by phone, email and web-conference.
  • User engagement support from your dedicated Customer Success Engineer, to guide you through the first year of using your new CRM system.
  • Access to the Tisski Dynamics Customer forums, where you can meet with fellow users to share ideas and tips for successful CRM.

Everyone needs a little help and support when getting to grips with a new system and with Tisski-Dynamics, you’re in safe hands. Our Customer Success Engineers are specialists in CRM and your industry and the same team of specialists that deploy and configure all of our customers’ systems. So you can be confident in always being able to speak to an expert who really understands your system and is able to resolve your question quickly and effectively.

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